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In 1997, the founders of COCOS, embarked on a journey to identify just one area where there was a growing or consistent number of homeless persons who were in need of certain services. After contemplating the possibility of developing a regular service and then identifying Parramatta as an area in need, the two fathers (Fr. Shenouda Mansour and Fr. Gabriel Yassa) set out to capture the support of their local church community and were successful in acquiring a number of youth volunteers.

It began with the provision of sandwiches and drinks and today COCOS is a registered charity, providing a hot meal, clothing and other services every Tuesday night at Civic Place in Parramatta and in Wooloomooloo.

Since then, the Coptic Orthodox Community Outreach Service (also known as COCOS), has with the donations of the community made significant strides towards the goal of alleviating the suffering associated with poverty and homelessness.

Through a network of over fifty unpaid and dedicated volunteers, COCOS has been able to deliver its services to over 120 homeless and needy individuals on the one night.

2002 was a year of inestimable blessings and one that was filled with ongoing progression towards the attainment of our key goal; the alleviation of the conditions that come with poverty and homelessness.