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The Seven COCOS Values


COCOS is based on the portrayal of Christ’s leadership and the Christian way of leadership. We acknowledge and strive to portray the example of Christ through all that we do. Christ is our motivation, our leader, and the head of our service and our lives. Most importantly, we strive to achieve this portrayal of Christ’s leadership through the bibles teachings, and its core beliefs, including forgiveness, courage, humility, service, strength, faith, hope and love.


COCOS strives to build long lasting and strong relationships. These relationships are built amongst all the interest groups within the COCOS movement, including those who are homeless and needy, the Coptic Orthodox Church, the wider Australian Community, local and state governments, local councils and police. This is achieved via the spirit of team work, and cooperation, two very essential ingredients for the smooth operation of the COCOS service.


Honesty is a principal value for COCOS. Honesty in the way we serve and honesty in sustaining and building COCOS to its very best ability, so that it may grow into a nationally recognized charity, through effort and hard work as a team.


Respect is one of the fundamental principles of our COCOS service. Homeless people deserve to be treated with the same respect as any other member of our community. We must always remember this when serving in order to create an inclusive atmosphere. This respect extends to our fellow COCOS volunteers and is an example of Christian behavior.


Many roles and responsibilities exist within the COCOS organization. These exist in order to maintain the professional image and efficient execution of our service. Therefore the responsibility you are assigned or volunteer for is to be undertaken with a sense of maturity and commitment.


Service with COCOS is our opportunity to display patience, love, and humility to those less fortunate than ourselves. To serve with COCOS is to give of your time willingly and to promote Christian values with a pure heart. As servants we are working for the glory of God and not for ourselves.


COCOS prides itself on its high standard of service where quality is paramount.  The quality of our overall service is to match that which you would expect for yourselves. This includes the quality of the food, the food handling procedures, service of drinks, general attitude and relationships formed.